Service path

SFTec’s service path provides support for planning the overall solution from both technical and business perspectives. Our goal is not only to deliver a drying system that meets the requirements, but also to be involved in the long-term creation of a new circular economy-based business together with our customers.

1. Needs assessment

In the needs assessment phase, the most important thing is to get as comprehensive a picture as possible of the customer’s needs and goals from the perspectives of pre-planning the drying system and the profitability of the solution.

2. Solution proposal

The solution proposal includes the preliminary technical data of the system that meets the customer’s needs, equipment and material choices, costs, and the layout placed at the installation site.

3. Delivery project

The delivery project is managed in a systematic and phased manner, from concepting to implementation. The customer’s stakeholders are kept up-to-date on the progress of the project.

4. Service and maintenance

In connection with the system deliveries, SFTec offers a maintenance plan tailored to the customer’s needs, the necessary spare parts and technical support to ensure the functionality of the system.

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