Drying new

Turn industrial side streams and waste into ecologically and economically sustainable products. SFTec offers both technology and know-how to support you.

Innovative drying technology for the needs of the circular economy

New use cases for problematic materials

We help our customers increase the value of their materials through drying. The cost-effective drying process enables further processing of side and waste streams, refining them into new products or recycling them back into existing processes.

Utilization sectors

Our drying technology is suitable for the needs of several different industries. Our equipment is modular and can be customized for many different materials and energy sources. We are specialized in improving the utilization possibilities of side stream and waste materials in three different sectors.

Materials produced from bio-based raw materials play a central role in replacing products based on fossil raw materials. The cornerstone of sustainable bioeconomy is to maximize the value of raw materials in order to get the greatest possible benefit from limited raw materials.

When wood and biomass are processed in a smart way, they can be utilized for a growing number of business cases. Drying improves biomass storage, usability, transportability and energy content. Dried wood biomass can also be processed into higher value products.

In the metal and mineral industry, millions of tons of challenging waste materials are generated every year. The main destination of these materials has been landfilling. The problem with many materials is their high moisture content, which limits the possibilities of further use.